Friday, June 26, 2009

Rock One

Here's Meg/Rock One from my Bionic Six series. She's the cute daughter of the Bennetts. I don't really want to explain the whole story here, but she was one of the two actual children and there were 2 other adopted children, Bunji and JD. I always had a crush on her lol...but really I think she influenced how I drew women to a certain degree, early on. I guess it's the cuteness.

After going through a couple of different color versions, this is the first one I colored of the set with a more painterly style.

I learned from an ex-coworker, David Oh, that paintings generally have more of a focus, while everything around that focus is a little more de-emphasized. Comic colorists (the ones that don't understand this) a lot of times just light up every part of the body, with no real focus. I realized that was what I was doing before.

So for these, I tried to put a little more focus towards the faces and actually did a gradation to darken the lower half of the body.

Two issues I noticed coloring these characters...

1. I decided to leave the linework, so it's not a "real" painting, so it's kind of a hybrid.

2. These character's costumes were colored flat in the actual cartoon, plus they have super colorful costumes, so it was a challenge to de-emphasize things when everything is RED, YELLOW or BLUE. I know there's ways of doing it, but I decided to keep a slight mixture of the original cel coloring with a painterly feel.


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