Thursday, February 25, 2010

Princess Mononoke

Here’s a little project I made for myself, because I love Princess Mononoke and Miyazaki, plus I wanted to experiment with different techniques and see which ones I’d like to push on my work.
One was doing an ink wash on the bgs then coloring them in PS. Also giving the characters a cel-shaded look. It’s probably more of a cel shade/painterly hybrid.

Unfortunately, since I did the ink wash, I tried spritzing the entire page with water, to flatten out the page. It seemed to work, after I put it in between two sheets of glass. The only thing is that it didn’t allow the paper to dry out. It was flat, but still damp.

I left it in the glass for a couple of days, and took it out. It ended up having mildew and a reddish mildew. Eww. So the original is pretty much shot. At least I had scanned it and I chalk it up to being an experiment piece.