Thursday, February 4, 2010 Revamp!

Sorry for the lack of posts. The main reason is because I've been working on my own site, which also has a blog. I've been wanting to cut it down to one central place, so I'm still undecided whether I'll post here anymore.

The advantage here is the network of blogs. So I may post from time to time, at least to keep a foot out here. But the main blogs will probably direct there.

And where's there you ask?

The reasons for having everything back at my website? Way more flexibility! Along with being able to have a blog, there's a store, contact form, gallery, and subscription.

At the store you can browse the original art and other books and prints that I'm selling. Also you can have your commissions and/or sketch cards done here also. It also has a secure shopping cart, which takes you to Google Checkout or Paypal.

Check it out if you have time!



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